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Databer HDD USB Disposal

Ana SayfaDisposalDataber HDD USB Disposal
Ana SayfaDisposalDataber HDD USB Disposal

Databer Hdd Usb Data Disposal

Our DATABER HDD USB Data Disposal Units are designed for destroying information carrying material. In the DATABER-S Series feeding is made by single throwing in two roomed shredder connected to the same shaft. It does not permit job accidents with its safe product entrance tank. After the shredding the remaining material is poured in a metal box. In the DATABER-M Series there is multiple throwing. Two shredders are designed on a single chassis. It shreds down the material in very small dimensions so that their physical repair is not possible. Emptying is made by conveyer. We have various production capacities according to the customer’s demand.

Our double shaft crushers can distroy wastes with high torque and low speed, that contains important information such as hdd, usb, sd card, cd and so on. The shredder is equipped with an automatic return system to prevent motor overload. We have crusher production in different capacities for Office Type Hdd information disposal. Efficient technology and energy are especially important for continuously working machines. MT technology provides minimum energy consumption and maximum performance.

    Databer Hdd Usb Shredding & Disposal E-Catalog

    MT Machinery E-Catalog


    • Abrasion-resistant shredding blades
    • Double chamber shredder design (Optional)
    • Low noise level
    • Used in the office environment
    • Closed and safe waste supply section
    • Locked waste discharge hopper
    • Design for work safety
    • Production at different capacities

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