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Document Disposal Unit

Ana SayfaDisposalDocument Disposal Unit
Ana SayfaDisposalDocument Disposal Unit

Document Disposal Unit

Our Document Disposal Unit is designed for destroying documents containing important information. The unit is constituted by two different shredders coupled to each other. Paper and folders are feed into the shredder by the conveyer. The material passing from the pre-shredder reaches immediately the grinder just beneath it. It shreds down the material in very small dimensions so that their physical repair is not possible. We have various production capacities according to the customer’s demand.

Our company manufactures easy-to-use paper disposal units for the disposal of valuable information and documents. Unit size varies according to capacity. Machine service and maintenance is performed quickly. Efficient technology and energy are especially important for machines that are constantly running. MT technology enables minimum power consumption and maximum performance.

    Document Disposal Unit E-Catalog

    MT Makina E-Catalog


    • Wear-resistant shredding blades
    • Two-fold coupled design
    • Clear destruction of documents
    • Waste outlet pipe
    • Production in different capacities

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