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Flober Flourescent Disposal

Ana SayfaDisposalFlober Flourescent Disposal
Ana SayfaDisposalFlober Flourescent Disposal

Flober-Flourescent & Shredding Disposal

Our Flober Fluorescent Shredding and Disposal Machines offer healthy and reliable solutions for the disposal of toxic gases in hazardous waste class, fluorescent lamps and other lighting products. There are three filter systems inside. The exhaust outlet delivers fresh air completely free of toxic gases. The entire system is built on standard metal barrels. When the barrel is full, the operator continues to work by opening the cover closure and attaching the system easily to the empty vise.

Approved by the ministry of environment and urbanism. To obtain an electronic waste recycling license it is essential that this system is in operation. Flober can be used safely in all electronic waste collection centers, recycling plants and factories with intensive sealing measures. There are three different waste input facilities. The products you can dispose of with Flober shredder fluorescent illuminators, flat fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, household light bulbs, high intensity discharge lamps and low pressure sodium lamps.

    Flober Flourescent & Shredding Disposal E-Catalog

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    • Abrasion resistant chain system
    • Three different lamp entry halls
    • Three filter systems
    • Powerful vacuum motor
    • Mounting on standard barrel cover
    • Low noise level
    • Production at different capacities

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