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Trommel Rotary Screen

Ana SayfaGarbage SortingTrommel Rotary Screen
Ana SayfaGarbage SortingTrommel Rotary Screen

Trommel- Rotary Drum Screen

Trommel Rotary Drum Screen is used to extract all solid waste from the waste conveyor as a waste sorting, compost, fertilizer and so on with maximum efficiency in the specified screen scale. The materials passing between the sifters are poured into the outlet conveyor at the bottom and solid wastes bigger than the sieve are conveyed to the waste discharge chamber with the help of the spiral channels and are thrown out. Compact design allows continuous and uninterrupted operation. Optionally, the screens can be easily replaced by removing them.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, it can work with high efficiency by giving different slopes according to the material and capacity. We have a wide range of rotary screen systems according to waste type and capacity. Cylinder speed can be adjusted from the control panel. Rapid intervention in machine service and maintenance. We have trommel rotary drum screen production in different capacities. Efficient technology and energy are especially important for continuously working machines. MT technology provides minimum energy consumption and maximum performance.

    Trommel Rotary Drum Screen E-Catalog

    MT Machinery E-Catalog


    • Screw conveying channels
    • Adjustable rotation speed
    • Conveyor feeding
    • Conveyor / unloading
    • Fixed transfer hooks
    • Detachable screen (Optional)
    • Rotary brush for screen cleaning (Optional)
    • Stainless steel design (Optional)
    • Production at different capacities

    For Pricing;

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