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Biogas Plant

Ana SayfaPlantBiogas Plant
Ana SayfaPlantBiogas Plant

Biogas Plant

At our Biogas Plants biogas from the organic wastes of various sectors is obtained. It is known that renewable energy becomes increasingly important. Our firm prepares produces key-ready plant design, project preparation and installation for agricultural enterprises, joint plants and industrial waste processing plants depending on the raw material amount. The electricity power of the biogas plants may reach up to 30 kW in small plants and high megawatts in large plants. How much electricity the plant shallproduce depends on the produced amount of biogas. We have various production capacities according to the customer’s demand.

Our company realizes turnkey plant design, project design and installation for agricultural enterprises, common facilities and industrial waste processing facilities according to the quantity of raw materials. The electrical power of biogas plants can be as high as 30 kW in small-scale plants and to high megawatts in large facilities. The amount of electricity produced by the plant depends on the amount of biogas produced.

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    • Eco friendly
    • It is a renewable energy source
    • The finished product is fertilizer constituted rich organic matter
    • Provides low-cost waste management
    • Provides to development of rural
    • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
    • It creates new employment opportunities with industrial development.

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