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Wood Pellet Production

Ana SayfaPlantWood Pellet Production
Ana SayfaPlantWood Pellet Production

Wood Pellet Production Plant

Our Wood Pellet Production Plant is designed for manufacturing pellet which is much easier to be managed in comparison with the other biomass fuels. As the form and liquid rate is fixed wood pellet is suitable for using in burning facilities. It provides saving from time and workforce for pellet stove. Wood pellet has high energy density and it can transmit very much energy at once. Also wood pellet thermally processed can be stored for long run with less risk for moulding. We have various production capacities according to the customer’s demand.

Our company is producing easy to use wood pellet production plant for pellet production. Facility service and maintenance is performed quickly. MT technology ensures minimum energy consumption and maximum performance.

    Wood Pellet Production Plant E-Catalog

    MT Makina E-Catalog


    • Environmentally friendly
    • Easy to manage compared to other fuels
    • Continuous and continuous operation
    • Saves time and labor
    • High energy density

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