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SPA-Open Channel Shredder

Ana SayfaWastewaterSPA-Open Channel Shredder
Ana SayfaWastewaterSPA-Open Channel Shredder

SPA-Open Channel Wastewater Shredder

Our SPA-Series Open Channel Wastewater Shredder is the final solution for sewage blockages. Together with pressure resistant gaskets proving supreme tightness it has long lasting usage. Together with its cassette body channel assembling can be easily and rapidly made. It is very strong compared to standard pumped grinders. It may be optionally produced from stainless steel. We have various production capacities according to the customer’s demand.

Rapid intervention with cassette body design to provide easily machine service and maintenance. It has long life use and superior impermeability and pressure resistant seals. Our double shaft open channel wastewater grinders are machines that break down sewage wastes in the best way, with high torque and low speed. The shredder is equipped with an automatic return system to prevent motor overload. We have open channel waste water grinder productions in different capacities. Efficient technology and energy are especially important for continuously vorking machines. MT technology provides minimum energy consumption and maximum performance.

    SPA-Open Channel Wastewater Shredder E-Catalog

    MT Machinery E-Catalog


    • Abrasion-resistant shredding blades
    • Special design scraper system
    • Shredding in desired sizes
    • Sealing with superior sealing
    • Stainless design (Optional)
    • Jam return system
    • Production at different capacities

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